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The specific source of the Golden Teacher is obscure however it showed up in the last part of the 80’s. It is an incredible mushroom strain for amateurs while additionally being a most loved for cutting edge producers and has a normal to high strength.

It develops enormous mushrooms with wide brilliant tops and a thick stem and most likely gets it’s name from its shade tops. You can get a few flushes (new developments) out of one bunch and likes to develop in the accompanying substrates.

This one is considered by numerous individuals to be the most famous of all the cubensis species. It has an obscure cause however is known as a P. azurescens/P. cubensis half breed and has a higher than normal intensity level. It will develop rapidly (which means spores transforming into mycelium) and will deliver an enormous first flush followed by littler ones.

A few people who take this strain say that the ‘occasionally happening sickness’ that happens with different strains is more averse to happen with this one.

In my video I initially expressing that I thought the Blue Meanie was an individual from the Panaeolus class and not a Psilocybe cubensis strain. Notwithstanding, I later discovered that the two types of mushrooms have a similar normal name of Blue Meanie. That is the place the disarray came in.

The one I am alluding to in this article that made the main 10 rundown is really a strain from the psilocybe cubensis. On the off chance that it was the Panaelous cyanescens (which additionally has the basic name of Blue Meanie) at that point it would resemble this

They are actually pretty difficult to tell apart but do understand that the Panaeolus cyanescens have been reported as being 2x more potent than Psilocybe cubensis strains.

One way to tell them apart is the sport print. The sport print of the Panaeolus cyanescens is black while the Psilocybe cubensis is dark purplish brown to violaceous brown.

Bellow is how to order the Psilocybe cubensis Blue Meanie strain:

The Alacabenzi strain is accounted for by some to convey more physical and spatial impacts with a critical distorting of parity in higher dosages. It wont give an excessively extreme psychedelic experience however you might need to remain nearby to home until you get a thought for the ideal dose for yourself.

The Cambodian strain is incredible for a tenderfoot on the grounds that the mycelium will become extremely quick and is likewise a quick fruiter. It was first found developing on steers waste by John W. Allen close to the Angkor Wat sanctuary complex which is a Buddhist sanctuary in Cambodia and is the biggest strict landmark on the planet.

The PF exemplary strain is named after Robert McPherson, otherwise known as Psylocybe Fanaticus who spearheaded the PF Tek developing technique. It is a moderate maturer and develops best with the BRF or PF Tek strategy.

This mushroom was initially discovered developing in elephant fertilizer in Orissa India by John W. Allen. This one becomes taller than some other cubensis (solid shape) strain and will have wide saucer like tops. This strain is ideal for novice since it is an exceptionally lenient strain and withstands defilement well indeed.

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